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React JS Masterclass

Learn and Earn with React JS including MERN, Redux and Hooks
What you’ll learn
Using React JS with Redux, Hook and many latest features
learn and use JSX, CRA, components etc.
Using React for real-world project
learn about Props, states, class, arrow functions, conditional rendering, array function
using event handling, importing CSS, DOM and Axios etc
Basic understanding on jаvascriptWindows PC with Microsoft Visual Studio Code installedBasic idea HTML and CSS
This Course is on React Js, we have structured content from Redux, Hooks and MERN on this Course!  In this course we cover
Introduction of React
React Basics, React on static HTML file,  Understanding JSX, className instead of class in tag, installing and generating CRA, understanding CRA folder structure, import , export, making components and reusing components.

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