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MongoDB For Absolute Beginners

MongoDB For Absolute Beginners — Udemy — Last updated 5/2019 — Free download

A complete guide to learn MongoDB from Scratch

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the foundation of NoSQL database development
  • Learn to use MongoDB from ground up
  • Learn to use MongoDB in your projects


  • Basic knolwedge of JavaScript and NodeJs will be helpful in completing the course


Become an expert  from ground up in MongoDB with this carefully structured course!

MongoDB is a NoSQL database program. It uses JSON like documents with Schemata. This contributes to the ability of MongoDB to function perfectly on a tiny RAM. MongoDB proves to be fast running as well when compared to other DBMSs (Database Management Software). MongoDB is also highly flexible and for companies that are considering scaling their businesses, MongoDB is an excellent choice for a database. Because of its ability to handle a gigantic quantity of data, it can be used in teams comprising a vast number of people.

MongoDB is simple to use but still considered immensely powerful along with being able to solve the general issues of load-balancing, storing and indexing.

The evidence of MongoDB’s ability lies in its list of clients. Some of those big names are IBM, GAP, Urban Outfitters, eBay, Google, MTV, Uber and many more.

What makes this course so valuable?

MongoDB’s popularity continues to grow across the world as more and more people are realizing its benefits. So, consequentially, resources for learning and understanding MongoDB are on high demand.

If you are a beginner in MongoDB, this course will help you figure out the fundamentals of MongoDB. Mainly users struggle with understanding the terms associated with it. This course is particularly helpful for that.

Venture through all the concepts of MongoDB; from the basics such as installing MongoDB to more advanced topics like replication, database sharding and how to connect your MongoDB with an active Node.js server. You’ll also learn what makes MongoDB unique among other NoSQL databases. You’ll also become familiar with local databases and cloud services.

There are many labs and exercises to ensure that you understand every topic and ensure that you are fluent in the subject.

The course includes

Installation and connecting with an active Node.js server-side

Connecting to Cloud services and Mongo Shell

Mongoose Library

Package manager and RESTful API

Connecting the database to the application

Basic query and query properties

Dynamic inserts and inserting arrays

Error handling and schemas


And much more!

Learning MongoDB just got a whole lot easier! Try this online tutorial today.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn MongoDB will find this course very useful


MongoDB For Absolute   (download)
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Course content:

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