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HTML Learn It from Scratch by Masterminds Tutorials

HTML Learn It from Scratch by Masterminds Tutorials — SkillShare — Free download

This course is made for all of you without any previous experience with HTML and for all of you that want to improve your previous, basic knowledge about HTML. We know how tough is to start with learning of something new, so we will not overwhelm you with bunch of other technologies. Something like, you know HTML is cool but do you know what is even more cool than that, to use some JavaScript and jQuery and maybe some Bootstrap! Don’t worry we will not do that. We will do our best in this course to teach you all that you need to learn about HTML. From what is HTML, through how to create HTML documents (web pages), to the how to create complete HTML website from the scratch. Once when you feel comfortable with all that you know about HTML we are sure that you will continue with learning of all that other technologies, but until then we will provide you pure and simple HTML with just basic information about CSS and JavaScript, like why to use it and where to use it in your websites.

In this course every lesson contains four parts.

1. In the first part of lesson we’ll introduce you what we going to learn in that lesson.

2. In the second part we will catch little bit of theory related with that topic.

3. In the third part we will implement all that in code, in some real-life example.

4. And in the fourth and the last part of the lesson, we will recap all that we have learned in that lesson.

Learning of HTML is super easy and super fun and we have done our best to make this course just like that! So, if you are ready to start, we are here for you and we are honored to be the part of this journey with you. For all your questions we will provide answers as soon as possible and we are continuously working on improvement of our materials.


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